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Maestro 100 Modem

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Compact "Plug And Play" Quad band GSM modems can be directly connected to the serial port of a desktop or notebook computer through the RS232 interface. A standard SIM card can be inserted in the integral card-holder within the metal enclosure.
The modems’ metal casing makes it an appropriate solution for tough industrial applications such as Telemetry.

  • Maestro GSM and GPRS Modems
  • Supports Voice / FAX / SMS and Data
  • Quad Band 850 / 900 / 1800 1900 MHz
  • GSM transmission
  • Accepts standard SIM card
  • RS232 interface
  • Supports standard wavecom AT command set
  • Full voice call, SMS Support
  • Miniature size 88 x 60 x 26mm
  • Can be used on Standard GSM Networks
  • AT Comand set (GSM 07.05 and 07.07)
  • GPRS data rates at up to 36Kb/s download/ 24Kb/s upload
  • One user programmable Input/Output port.
  • TCP/IP stack available for data and internet on GSM100T
Please Note
GSM Modems are supplied as OEM units, accessories can be ordered separately below.

GSM Quad Band Modem, GPRS Class 10
ANT Antenna with flying lead and connector
RS232 Cable Interface to PC
DIN Rail Mount Bracket
(5)Power Supply (12Vdc to 110-240Vac) 

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Mr Khanh: 0932.238.155

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