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RTM-2000 TMC Module

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RoyalTek RTM-2000 is the RDS-TMC module using Philips TEA5764 chip and MSP430F1232 MCU. RTM-2000 has a low power consumption and can operate at a low supply voltage.The module demodulates the RDS-TMC in FM band from 87.5MHz to 108MHz. The block data and status information are available via I^(2)C bus .Then pass through MSP430F1232(MCU) transmission CMOS level(+3.0V) to communicate with device. The smallest form factor and miniature design is the best choice to be embedded in a portable device like PDA, personal position and navigation like personal locator, speed camera detector and vehicle locator. The module can be used with to support navigation and traffic application.

  • Complete FM/RDS Receiver module
  • FM mixer for US/Europe (87.5MHz to 108MHz)
  • Auto-search tuning
  • Single power supply (+3.0V)
  • Serial TTL interface
  • High quality stereo audio output
  • Compact Dimensions (LxWxH): 25x18x2.8 mm
  •  Automotive navigation
  •  Personal positioning and navigation
  •  Marine navigation
  •  Timing application

OS TMC protocol: RoyaltekTMC Protocol 1.0
Microcontroler MSP430F1232
Supported Software Destinator, Gate5, iGo, Map & Guide, Map Factor, Navigon, Navman, Pharos, Route 66, etc.
Further software adaptations are in preparation.
For updating software list, please contact RoyalTek directly.
Output message Royaltek RTM-2000 TMC protocol 1.0
TMC/RDS receiver
Chipset Philip TEA5764HN
Frequency 87.5~108MHz. US/Europe
RDS sensitivity fRDS=1.2kHz,deemphasis= 50us,Block Quality RateD24.7uV typeΔf=22.5kHz, fAF = 1kHz,L=R,  ≧85%
Antenna Input
Matching 50 ohm
Output CMOS +3.0V serial interface
Baud rate 9600bps
I/O Pin 10pin I/O pin
Mechanical requirements
Weight ≦3g
Dimension The TMC Module dimensions:25mm(Length) x 18mm(Width) x 2.8mm (Hight) ±0.3
Power consumption
Vcc DC +3.0V ±10%
Current ≦20mA (Maximum)
Operation Any GPS solution
Features DDesign to any GPS solution
Environment Building in Navigation Cube
Operating temperature -40 °C to +80 °C
Storage Temperature -45 °C to +85°C
Humidity ≦95%
Application Circuit

Block Diagram

Số ký tự được gõ là 250

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