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RGM-2106 Smart Antenna GPS Module

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RGM-2106 is the smart antenna GPS module with SiRFstar IV GPS solution. The module embedded active Jammer remover to ensure fast and accurate navigation in hostile signal/high noise environment. Power by the new SiRFStar IV architecture, the module can acquire satellites as low as -163dBm better than SiRF Star III. The high sensitivity, low power, 48-channel GPS module is the best choice to be embedded in a portable device such as Car tracking device, Locator application, safety alarm device, personal locator and digital camera.

ProductWire to board connector type

  • Additional 3 dB in track sensitivity is better than the Sirf Star III.
  • Support MEMS Sensor to detection and wake up the device for power saving and longer battery life.
  • Adaptive Micro-power controller- only 50 to 500uA to maintain hot start capability.
  • Embedded InstantFix CGEE and Reverse CGEE (3 days) for faster warm start.
  • Embedded active Jammer remover to ensure fast and accurate navigation in hostile signal environments - GSM, NB environments


  • Personal Navigation Device including GPS PDA and GPS Handheld
  • Pet/personal Tracker, AVL / Location-Based Services Tracker
  • Cameras / Digital camcorder

GPS receiver
1 Chipset SiRFstarIV GSD4e-9311-TR Signature ROM
2 Frequency L1 1575.42MHz
3 Code C.A. Code.
4 Channels 48 track verification channels
5 Chipset Sensitivity High sensitivity navigation engine (PVT) tracks as low as -163dBm
6 Chipset Cold start 35 sec (open sky)
7 Chipset Warm start 35 sec (open sky)
8 Hot start 1 sec (open sky)
9 Reacquisition 0.1sec typical
10 Position accuracy 2.5meters(50% 24hr static, -130dBm)
11 Maximum altitude 18288 m
12 Maximum velocity 514 m/s
13 Update rate 1Hz
14 Protocol setup NMEA0183 standard V3.01 and backward compliance-Adjustable by firmware
15 LNA Embedded 1 stage LNA
16 SBAS(Optional) WAAS, EGNOS
Power consumption
17 VCC DC +1.8V@ ±5%
18 Current Normal mode :Avg. ≦ 65mA@1.8V(without ext. antenna) Hibernate mode: Avg.≦30uA @1.8V(without ext. antenna)
19 Temperature Operating : -30 ~ 85℃ Storage : -40 ~ 85℃
20 Humidity ≦95%

Application Circuit:

Block Diagram

Số ký tự được gõ là 250

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