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L50 Quectel GPS Module

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L50 is an ultra slim module with embedded 15.0 × 15.0 × 2.0mm patch antenna. It is built upon the lastest SIRFstarIV ROM version 2.2 which offers high performance GPS engine. Alongside highest reliability and quality of patch antenna, L50 also offers 48 PRN channels, which allows the module to acquire and track satellites in the shortest time, even at a very low signal level. Its highly compact design with minimal patch antenna is ideal for portable devices, asset tracking, connected PND, security devices, vehicle management and other industry applications.

L50 supports aided-GPS function without the necessity of  downloading data from server since it automatically captures ephemeris data from satellites locally and predicts ephemeris over 3 days without server assistance.

With embedded active jammer remover, L50 can track and remove up to 8 CW (Carrier Wave) type signals up to 80dB-HZ signal level. This feature ensures fast and accurate navigation in hostile signal or high noise environment.


●  Embedded patch antenna

    Default size 15.0 ×15.0 × 2.0mm

●  Self-Assisted CGEE: Out to 3 days of prediction

●  Extremely low power mode: Hibernate mode, 36uW@1.8V

●  Low tracking power consumption: 38mA @ -130dBm

●  Super sensitivity

   148dBm acquisition; -163dBm tracking 

●  48 PRN channels

●  Ultra slim form factor: 28.0 × 16.0 × 3.0mm (with patch antenna)

●  Active Jammer Remover



General Specifications
  L1 Band Receiver
Channel Number 48 channels
  C/A Code  
  Horizontal Position
Autonomous <2.5 m CEP
  SBAS <2.0 m CEP
  Velocity Accuracy Without Aid < 0.01m/s
  Acceleration Accuracy Without Aid 0.1 m/s²
  Timing Accuracy   <500ns
  Reacquisition Time   <1s
  TTFF(Time to First Fix) Cold Start <33s
  Warm Start <33s
  Warm Start with CGEE 10s
  Hot Start <1s
  Sensitivity* Autonomous Acquisition -148dBm
  Tracking -163dBm
  Reacquisition -160dBm
  Patch Antenna Performance Range of Receiving
  Band Width 10MHz min
  Gain at Zenith 1.0dBic typ.
  VSWR 1.5 max
  Axial Ratio -3dB max
  Polarization RHCP
  Impendence 50 Ohm
  Frequency Temperature
  Environmental Operating Temperature -40℃ to 85℃
    Storage Temperature -45℃ to 125℃
  Dynamic Performance Maximum Altitude Max.18288m
  Maximum Velocity Max.514m/s
  Maximum Acceleration 4G
  Dimensions 28.0 x 16.0 x 3.0 mm
  Weight Approx. 4.0g
Serial Interfaces
  One Multiplexed
UART: Adjustable 1200~115200 bps
Default: 4800 bps
  IIC (master/slave): Up to 400 Kbps
  I/O Voltage 1.71V ~ 1.89V
  Protocols NMEA
Power Management
  Power Supply 1.71V ~ 1.89V
  Power Acquisition 48mA @ -130dBm
  Power Tracking 36mA @ -130dBm
  Power Saving ATP, PTF, Hibernate

The module is sensitivity to moisture absorption. Before reflow, Module should be baked for 192 hours at temperature 40℃+5℃/-0℃ and <5% RH in low-temperature containers, or 24 hours at temperature 125℃±5℃ in high-temperature containers. Care should be taken that plastic tray is not heat resistant. Module should be taken out before preheating, otherwise, the tray maybe damaged by high-temperature heating.


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