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CM680 Neoway UTMS Module

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CM680 Neoway UTMS ModuleCM680 is a kind of CDMA EVDO industrial wireless module for 800M single-band. It has high-quality voice, SMS, data service and other functions. It is widely used in different kinds of industrial and commercial fields.

Frequency band:800M/1900M
Chipset:Qualcomm 6085 single-chip solution
High reliability:highly integration,simplify the design
Rate:uplink:1.8 Mbps/downlink:3.1Mbps 
Specifications Description
Dimensions 30.0mm*39.5mm*2.6mm
Sensitivity -106dBm
Instantaneous current Max 2A
Operation current 230mA
Standby current 6.0mA
Operation temperature -40~+80℃
Operation voltage 3.3V~4.8V(recommended value3.9V)
Connector 30Pin soldering-pan connector
Murata GSC RF connector
Số ký tự được gõ là 250

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