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F9103 Early Warning Systerm

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F9103 series wireless early warning broadcast device provides   various wireless early warning broadcast services by public 2G/2.5G/3G/3.5G network and frequency modulation (FM) network. It adopts high-powered industrial 32-bits CPU and embedded real time operating system to realize remote mobile phone and telephone warning, SMS to voice warning, GPRS data to voice warming, FM network warning, local interphone wireless warning, local microphone warning, pre-set messages to voice warning, pre-set MP3 audio warning, audio line in warning.
This device series include F9103S (server station), F9103C (client station) and F9103D (single station). The server station and client station form a complete set to provide early warning broadcast service by frequency modulation (FM) network. That is to say, the server station transfers warning messages to the client station by FM network. Each of these three type devices can achieve the warning function separately.
This series device can be widely used in water conservancy, weather, geology disaster prevention projects, and also in school, plaza broadcast use.


1.Standard and professional: strictly follow related guidance documents of the national geological disaster
2.Reliable communication: reliable and stable communication is the center of disaster monitor warning. Four-Faith, with independent research and develop experience for many years, is a key enterprise of wireless communication in the field of Internet of thing, and communication products own a number of national patents which ensure real-time and stable release of early warning information.
3.High-performance: nine early warning modes, full duplex communication and remote control
4.Sound clear: high fidelity with high power amplifier and loudspeaker broadcast, which ensures the sound loud, clear, directive, and spread widely 
5.Strong environment adaptability: the equipment is designed by industrial grade, moisture proof, windshield, dust proof, withstand high/low temperature. The equipment is not influenced by topography and geomorphology, which can achieve the function of remote and on-site control only if there has GSM/GPRS network and telephone. It is a reliable platform for early warning for that it can works consistently for 24hrs everyday
6.Competitive in price: independent research and develop, has a competitive strength compare to similar products from other suppliers


Skype: lieubv_bkhn
Mr Khanh: 0932.238.155

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